How to SE the JUUL
By: Journal
Hi, welcome to my tutorial. If you haven't already I'd appreciate a like on my post because the amount of work I had to put into making this. It's a free button for a $75 value. The JUUL itself being $55 while the extra pods are $20 for 4.

I'm assuming you were a nice person and gave my post a like. Now, let's get onto the instructions.

You are going to have to make an account on
Go ahead and fill out a support ticket stating that your JUUL is no longer working but the light blinks when you place a pod inside.
It will ask you for a code of your JUUL. I've cracked a handful and will be listed below the instructions.
You'll need to put "retailer" when it asks where you purchased it from and copy and paste this name: Circle K
You'll also need to put the "purchase date" before 1 year because of the 1 year warranty.
You are also going to need a twitter account and it would be best if your profile pic was a photo of an older looking gentleman.
Next, send a tweet to JUUL stating that your JUUL is broken and they will respond to you in 2-3 days speeding up the process rapidly.
This should be an email sent to you regarding the warranty.
From there, explain that your JUUL became wonky and would no longer draw BUT the light blinks when you pop the pods in.
If you're polite you'll be receiving next day shipping to your address that you put on your account.
You can also explain that the pods leaked into the JUUL causing the malfunctioning vape and you'll receive a complimentary FREE pack of pods.